About Henk Fourie started his engineering career in 1995 with Africon Engineering International after completing his tertiary education at the University of Pretoria. And spent 3 years being introduced to structural and civil projects of interest to the rest of the International Engineering Community. The next phase of his vast engineering field stretched over 5 years in America, he assisted with the development of algorithms for the mapping of Human Genome. In 2002 Henk moved back to South Africa and launched his own Consulting Engineering Company named Henk Fourie Consulting which evolved into Bestciv Engineering (Gauteng) and has grown rapidly ever since. Henk recently opened another division of BestCiv Engineering in Paarl, Western Cape.
Henk Fourie Director & Owner henk@cdeafrica.co.za
Hesmari Fourie Director hesmari@cdeafrica.co.za
 Contact Us Paarl, Western Cape: Henk: 082 444 5555 henk@cdeafrica.co.za Hesmari: 082 719 6159 hesmari@cdeafrica.co.za Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm
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